Garden Insect Video
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Insect video

As seen on PBS  For a complete list of books and DVDs by Chris Korrow, visit the
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Colorful close-up photography and an original music score combined with facts about insect habitats and life cycles make for a film that is aesthetically pleasing, awe-inspiring and informative. 

Buy the DVDLearn about the multitude of insects in your own garden -- which are beneficial and which are destroyers, who eats who and why... we are not as separate from nature as we might think. The film is 52 minutes long.

Chris is an organic farmer and a professional filmmaker. His insights come from hard-won hours in the fields and a love for the garden ecosystem.  

A great gift for gardeners.
$8.00 plus shipping- Buy your copy now!

National Recognition for Garden Insects!
Winner, Earthvision Environmental Film Festival* Premiered nationally on PBS
* Winner at the EarthVision International Film Festival
* Official Selection Port Townsend Film Festival
* Official Selection Greendance Environmental Film Festival
* A pre-production screening of the film for scientific accuracy conducted by the Entomologists at University of Kentucky
* Selected to be part of VITAL, a PBS educational website designed to assist teachers with lesson plans for the teaching of math and reading comprehension skills in Grades 3 through 8
* Selected to be part of “The Mosaic of Life,” a biodiversity
exhibition at the Kentucky State Fair and toured throughout the Jefferson County Kentucky School District
* Selected to be screened at Berheim Forrest’s annual Bug Fest 
* Featured on the cover of KET’s Visions magazine and in the Louisville Courier Journal

View a sample of this fascinating film!

Insect video