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Insect video As seen on PBS

Garden Insects
is a documentary film by Chris Korrow.

Colorful close-up photography, an original music score, combined with facts about insect habitats and life cycles offers viewers a documentary film that is aesthetically pleasing, awe-inspiring and informative. Viewers learn about the multitude of insects in their own gardens -- which ones are beneficial and which ones are destroying their vegetables, who eats who and why.

The film is organized by insect families: ants; bees and wasps; etc. The unique aspect of this project is that the filmmaker is both an organic farmer and a professional filmmaker, his insights coming from hard-won hours in the fields and a love for the garden ecosystem.  

Visually stimulating, the film awakens the viewer to the fact that we are not as separate from nature as we might think. If we have a garden in our backyards chances are there is more happening out there than we could have imagined! The film is 50 minutes long.

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