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Insect video
As seen on PBS

Viewer Praise for Garden Insects

“We are both blown away by the quality of the piece, every single thing from beautifully mesmerizing photography,  mellow, informative, to the casual, beautiful music that fit in so well with whatever was taking place on the screen. I have new bug friends and have made peace with several others. Thanks for doing this!!!” 

“Great shots and selection of insects. Hard to believe most were in your garden. The angles and views of each insect was near perfect as I could see the insect’s color and body details AND its immediate environment.”

“I found it fascinating! I’ve been gardening for years but have always found it difficult to get the specific answers I’ve sought. Your video has answered many of my questions.”

“Fantastic video!  My girlfriend & I enjoyed it greatly.  The shots are absolutely astonishing.  The bugs are captured in such vivid detail. The macros are amazing.” 

“Our grandkids were thrilled over it, both want to take it to school. You did a great job with it and amazes me how you got such wonderful shots.”

“I want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your ‘Garden Insects’ film. It’s very well done. Enjoy your national spotlight. It is certainly deserved.”

“We learned a lot and have a new appreciation for bugs.” 

“We were amazed and delighted.” 

“We hope there is more to come. We want to know more about bugs.”

“I think ‘Garden Insects’ is terrific.  A very nice piece of work. The fact that you are self-taught makes it all the more impressive.”

“I watched it over the weekend and I was sucked in the whole time. I can really see all the time you have put into it. It is very well thought out and informative.”

“I’ve heard from Programming that this is a wonderful film and I want to make sure we give our stations the means to promote it.”

“The film is simply awesome and the talk you gave yesterday was inspiring.”

“I want to thank you for your presentation. It touched me in a place in my heart that was always there but needed to be awakened. Bless you for that.”

“Your video was wonderful. We have a small garden, about 50’ x 25’, and we’d love to get the full video as we’re being overwhelmed by the bugs.”

“The video was spectacular.”

“I saw the program on PBS Sunday night and thought it fascinating and beautiful. A check will be on the way to you today for one copy.”

Insect video