Garden Insect Video
Garden Insect Video
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                    A Pictorial Essay  



The mere word can evoke disgust in many Americans.
Though most of us in this country live a relatively bug free existence,
they are a major part of mine.
They are my friends (praying mantis),
my enemies (cucumber beetles)
and my companions (jumping spider).
They have been awe inspiring to me (the perfection of a honey comb).
They over-whelm me with their overabundance and diversity.
They’ve caused me a tremendous amount of work and frustration,
and they cause me pain
(in a typical potato digging I’ll get stung by 20-30 sweat bees).
I’ve killed them,
saved them and even bought them.

They bring beauty and joy
on the wings of butterflies,
yet the occasional scorpion
can still give me a touch of the willies.
They’re a part of my life
like the flowers in spring,
and they’ve made me a better human being
by showing me that they are not insignificant,
just small and numerous.



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